Feb 27, 2020

Top 10 Tweets of the 2020 AWWA/WEF Young Professionals Summit

WQP's editor picks the best social media moments from the 2020 AWWA/WEF Young Professionals Summit

young professionals in water summit
Above, YP Summit guest speakers pose together following the event.

The 2020 American Water Works Association (AWWA)/ Water Environment Federation (WEF) Young Professionals Summit was packed with social media moments. The summit, held in Anaheim, California, featured an all-day emerging leaders workshop on social styles and values on Monday, February 24. The second day of the summit included complimentary professional headshots and professional development presentations on high level conversations, stress management, storytelling and more. The event also featured a social media contest which encouraged attendees to use the hashtag #WaterYPSummit on Twitter. Below are the WQP editor's picks for top social media moments from the summit.

When the opening session speaks to you personally:

When one of your favorite leadership authors is mentioned three times at the summit and you know you have good choice in literature:

When a simple improv game translates to your professional life and reminds you what true anxiety feels like:

When the summit challenges you and your peers to think critically on the WHY:

When you get outside your comfort zone in a good way:

When you realize that your peers and other young professionals share similar values to you:

When you find questionable items on the beach while doing service work before the summit:

When you aren't afraid to dream big and see that you aren't alone there:

And finally, a point or two from WQP's team:

When you see the big picture:

WQP's team taking home honors in the 2020 AWWA/WEF Young Professionals Summit Twitter contest:

young professionals in water twitter contest
WWD Senior Managing Editor Bob Crossen (left) won the #journalist contest. WQP Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello (right) won the #publicist contest.