Dec 05, 2014

Evoqua Releases New RO System

Configurable RO housing optimizes membrane serviceability and footprint

Evoqua Water Technologies introduced its new Vantage M41 reverse osmosis (RO) system for industrial applications to Asia.

The system is suitable for the production of process ingredient water, rinse water, food ingredient water, safe drinking water, boiler feedwater, ion exchange pretreatment, RO reject reclaim, wastewater recycling and many more uses. The compact skid system requires a footprint of 32.5 by 32 in. and has a height of 72.7 in., which allows it to fit through most standard doorways.

The system is easily expandable between two to eight membrane element units to meet increased flow demand. The system product flow rate can be easily upgraded to meet future customer requirements without additional pump, skid frame, plumbing and electrical retrofits. Further benefits include simple system commissioning and user-friendly microprocessor-based controller.

The systems are pre-engineered and pre-assembled to help minimize installation and startup costs. They are fully tested at the factory, require simple utility connections and, with minor setup and adjustment, are ready for immediate service.