EVTN Receiving Numerous Requests for Quotes for Its New Modular WasteWater Processor

Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. reported that as a result of the successful demonstration of its revolutionary technology last month in Gaggi, Sicily, the Company is receiving numerous written requests for quotes from both municipalities and private organizations for its new Modular WasteWater Processor ("MWWP"). The test results from the demonstration were collected and analyzed by the Italian government's Regional Agency for the Protection of Ambient (ARPA).

"It is gratifying to see that these requests for quotes are coming from a broad spectrum of customers including municipalities, hotels and residential communities," said Alberto Di Bella, C.E.O. of Enviro Voraxial Technology. "The quick response from these customers confirms our market analysis of the need for the MWWP. Potential customers from other parts of the world are now expressing a keen interest in the MWWP."

The Modular WasteWater Processor (MWWP) System is a self-contained sewage processor that treats and cleans sewage wastewater at individual locations so that the treated water can be re-used or safely discharged back into the environment. The technology is scaleable so that it is able to process and recycle wastewater from a small apartment complex with as little as 10 families up to an entire municipality.


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