Aug 02, 2016

EWQA Releases Conference & Trade Show Details

Events include training, exhibitors, roundtables & more

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The Eastern Water Quality Assn. (EWQA) released added details about the EWQA Conference & Trade Show Sept. 14 to 16, 2016. The event will be held at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center in Macungie, Pa.

Sept. 14 – Brian Oram, a B.F. Environmental Consultant, will present a full-day learning experience on the radiological, including regulations in place for radiological contaminants in drinking water. Attendees will develop a process to evaluate a source for the radiological, including clues that help to identify potential radiological problems.

Oram has a background in environmental pollution control, researched removal mechanisms for the parasitic protozoan Giardia, and was involved with developing Sourcewater Protection Plans, Private Well Ordinances and Regional Watershed/Groundwater Assessments. He has provided testimony in the fields of environmental science, hydrology, on-lot wastewater disposal and geology. He has also assisted in the evaluation and remediation of both private wells and regulated water sources.

B.F. Environmental Consultants specializes in the following areas: hydrogeological and wastewater evaluations for siting land-based wastewater disposal systems; soils consulting (soil scientists), environmental monitoring, and overseeing the siting, exploration and development of community/commercial water supply sources; environmental training/professional training courses; and other environmental services.

The welcome reception begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Mountain Room with food, a no-host bar and exhibitors on the exhibit floor. Attendees can golf and win prizes at the Olde Homestead Golf Club.

Sept. 15 – The EWQA keynote address from Richard Mest, a source for national water treatment issues, will offer a message on how to succeed in the marketplace and legislation. Attendees can enjoy lunch with exhibitors and manufacturer reps, entertain at the no-host bar and experience auctioneers Mike Urban and Peter Auchincloss at the Auction Banquet.

Sept. 16 – The final day of the conference and trade show includes a member breakfast, training, an exhibition and roundtables hosted by leading water treatment professionals. The exhibit floor will display additional products and one-on-one training with reps and specialists.

EWQA represents regional residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industries. EWQA promotes training, educational programs and certification to enhance the knowledge and competence of water treatment personnel.

For more information on the event schedule, registration and more, contact 302.730.3019 or [email protected]