Jan 15, 2013

Intelligent Faucet & Filtration System Launches on Indiegogo

Zuvo Water's Stratus combines a modern faucet design with patented water filtration technology

Zuvo Water Stratus Launch Indiegogo Faucet Filtration System

Zuvo Water launched Stratus, the world’s first cloud-connected water filtration and faucet ecosystem, on Indiegogo today. The system combines modern faucet design, Zuvo’s patented water filtration technology and a cloud-connected app.

Stratus' features include:

  • Water information and hydration via the cloud: The Stratus wi-fi communication allows Zuvo Water to deliver to your smart phone a host of information about your water, such as the remaining life of the filter, the actual reduction of contaminants in the water and the daily rate of water consumption in your household.
  • Hydration Coach app: Leveraging smart phone technology and the largest database of water quality information in the world, the Stratus app provides real-time filter diagnostics and  information about the consumer’s local municipality water. With the personalized hydration coaching feature, you can precisely manage all of your daily water consumption requirements. By inputting age and weight, it will give you an approximate daily hydration target. By inputting the types and duration of exercises you engage in, the app will give you not only the calories you burned, but also the rate at which to replenish your body’s hydration balance.
  • Stylish and intelligent faucets: Zuvo Water has been working for the last year with D2M, which also created the crowd-funding sensation Instacube. D2M designed and tested the Stratus and created a full range of accompanying faucets. Faucets will be available in tri-flow and beverage faucet styles, as well as in different finishes. The intelligent, touch-sensing faucets not only turn on the filtered wate,r but also show users the status of the system with intuitive graphics.
  • Eco-consciousness: The Stratus reduces the expense and waste of bottled water by not adding to the more than 60 million plastic water bottles that end up in landfills every year. Additionally, the Stratus is designed according to sustainability principles. Non-painted and BPA-free plastics were chosen for durability, health considerations and recyclability.

The drinking water system can be installed on the countertop or underneath the sink.

The Stratus team hopes to raise $50,000 in 60 days to fund the manufacturing of the smart faucets and filtration systems. Countertop filtration systems start at $79 and a variety of packages are available to Indiegogo backers.