Jan 14, 2015

Zurn Launches Two New Products

The products reduce water usage in high-traffic bathrooms


Pennsylvania-based Zurn Industries introduced two new products to its portfolio: the EZCarry carrier system and the Z6950 Aqua-FIT sensor faucet line.

The new carrier system has a 500-lb standard load rating, and is available in a 3- or 4-in. waste line configuration.

“Advancements in computer-aided hydraulic design assisted engineers in developing a patent pending 3-in. faceplate orifice and coupling combination that propels waste through the optimized waterway in the fitting,” the company said in a statement.

“Most manufacturers only have the ability to tune one component,” said Bill Verdecchia, director of product management and engineering. “At Zurn, our breadth of product allows us to optimize the flush valve, fixture and the carrier to provide the best overall system performance.”

When the carrier is coupled with the new Zurn EcoVantage 1.1-gal-per-flush (GPF) ZTR sensor wall bowl system, a customer uses 31% less water per flush than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) current maximum standard of 1.6 gpf, and virtually eliminates drain line clogging associated with low-flow systems. 

The company said that the "FIT" in the Z6950 Aqua-FIT line stands for “flexible installation technology,” as the system provides the ability to retrofit just a new spout onto an existing electronics base.

“Because the Zurn Aqua-FIT faucet system’s electronics are located in-line with the spout shank below deck, updating or replacing only the spout to take advantage of new designs and features in the future will be easy and cost-effective,” said Sean Chenard, product manager, commercial brass operations for Zurn. “It won’t be necessary to replace the electronics or mounting hardware, only the spout.”

The system includes a concealed sensor lens and aerators to prevent damage from vandalism or cleaning chemicals.

In addition, the Aqua-FIT system can be powered by a number of different sources, including standard battery, hardwire and two energy-saving options: a 10-year long-life lithium battery or a 10-year hydro-generating kit.

The hands-free activation promotes hygiene, and the system’s complete one-piece cast brass seamless design protects against both vandalism and potential bacteria growth. The manufacturer suggests the product for healthcare applications, as well as commercial, office, education and other high-traffic buildings.

Photo: Courtesy of Zurn Industries LLC