Filter Cartridges Resolve Wide Range of Water Quality Problems

axeon_sediment depth filters
axeon_carbon block filters

Axeon Water Technologies carries a complete line of filter cartridges equipped to remove and reduce common water problems such as sediment, bacteria, cysts, chlorine and organics from various water sources. Cartridges can be used as standalone solutions or integrated into system configurations for maximum effectiveness.

SDF-Series sediment depth filters are manufactured from 100% polypropylene fibers and are surfactant, binder and adhesive free. Their graded density and multi-layer filtration media allow for higher dirt-holding capacity, high chemical resistance and minimal pressure drop. These filters are certified to NSF Standard 42 and contain FDA-listed materials.

CBF-Series carbon blocks utilize carbon filtration technology and are made from high-purity coconut-based carbon. Certified to NSF Standard 42, they effectively reduce taste, odor, chlorine, synthetic organic compounds and volatile organic compounds from drinking water. Featuring quality and cost savings, these carbon blocks are available in all standard nominal micron ratings.


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