Nov 28, 2018

Bloomfield, N.J., Distributes Filters to Combat Lead in Drinking Water

The town receives their lead-tainted drinking water from neighboring Newark, N.J.

Lead contamination in drinking water in Bloomfield, N.J.
Lead contamination in drinking water in Bloomfield, N.J.

Bloomfield, N.J., announced plans to hand out filters to residents concerned with lead build-up in their homes. The town, which receives its drinking water from the neighboring city of Newark, N.J., reported elevated lead levels in its tap water last year and in the first six months of 2018.

Recent drinking water samples found 16 out of 61 homes exceeded federally standard for lead contamination. Neighboring Newark, N.J., is facing a similar lead crisis and distributing filters to concerned residents.

“The township is definitely concerned with anything that affects public health and this is something that we’re becoming more aware of. It’s something that a lot of older townships are facing,” said Bloomfield Spokesman Dan Knitzer. “We’re trying to be proactive with it.”

According to NJ Advance Media, the township has ordered more than 100 filters with the possibility of buying more based on need, to arrive next week. Bloomfield points to old lead plumbing and lead fixtures as the source of the problem, not the town’s water mains. In response, the township is working with residents to replace old lead piping.

“We are hopeful that our homeowners work with us to ensure that lead is removed from their homes,” said Mayor Michael Venezia in a statement.