Jun 05, 2018

Filtration System Removes Lead & Cysts from Drinking Water

POE product reduces harmful contaminants throughout an entire house

POE product reduces harmful contaminants throughout an entire house

The Pioneer lead and cyst filtration system is a whole-house point-of-entry system that houses a strategically designed, nominal 0.5-μ filter to remove soluble and particulate forms of lead contamination in a single filter. Soluble lead is kinetically removed from the water by the creation of an ionic bond; ionic bonds form when a nonmetal (binder or adsorbent) and a metal (lead) exchange electrons. Particulate lead is removed by physical filtration.

A recent national survey of community water systems suggests the number of lead service lines in the country could range from 6 to 10 million and may provide water for as many as 96 million people. Until lead was banned in new home construction in 1986, more than 70% of cities in the U.S. were using lead-based products for conveying water because it was less expensive and more durable than iron. Lead pipe could be easily bent, allowing pipes to be shaped to conform to the contours of existing buildings or other structures. Lead—a colorless, odorless, tasteless and potent neurotoxin that has no useful biological function—can enter drinking water when service lines that contain lead corrode, especially where the water has high acidity or low mineral content that corrodes pipes and fixtures. This most often happens in the pipes that carry water from water treatment plants to water mains and laterals under the street supplying homes.

Pioneer not only removes heavy metals such as lead, but also removes or reduces chlorine, chloramine, and other harmful contaminants in water, including cysts such as Giardia and Cryptospordium.

The system is third-party certified by IAMPO R&T to the NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for lead and cyst removal at a filtration level greater than 99.62% and up to 8-gpm peak flow rates.

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