Jun 17, 2019

FreshPoint Drinking Water Systems

FreshPoint filtration systems target specific contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, taste, odor and sediment.


Pentair delivers a broad offering of filtration solutions to homeowners with the Pentair FreshPoint drinking water systems. FreshPoint is designed specifically for the water treatment professional to provide ease of installation and service. 

Features include a 3/8-in. push fit plumbing connection for easy installation and high flow. Cartridges are color-coded to maintain proper filter sequence and mechanical assist design allows effortless click-in installation; no turning, just match the colors and click in. The water supply valve includes shut off for ease of serviceability and fits multiple piping styles. 

These drinking water systems capture recurring revenue without the leg work: 

  • Set up auto ship filter schedules so customers can easily change out cartridges themselves;
  • Set up regular service visits to inspect the system and exchange cartridges. Visits are quick and easy, enabling your techs to focus on more difficult jobs; and 
  • Up-sell to the monitored versions, which display a flashing warning signal when it is time to change filters, giving the homeowner a visual reminder that it is time to contact their dealer.

FreshPoint systems are backed by a number of NSF certifications, offering homeowners peace of mind knowing that their family is protected.

FreshPoint systems utilize sediment and carbon block in one cartridge. Change-outs are recommended once per year, compared to twice per year with competitive systems.

The RO line offers a pre and post-filtration, and is available in three, four or five stages, with optional monitoring on select systems.

The GRO high efficiency membrane increases efficiency and boasts a 50% recovery rate without disrupting rejection performance or daily production rate of the element.

Offer a pump to deliver improved efficiency, improved filtration life and fast refill time.   

FreshPoint filtration systems target specific contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, taste, odor and sediment.  Available in one, two or three stages, with optional monitoring on select systems. 

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