Jul 30, 2018

Kidney Dialysis Filters Repurposed For Commercial Water Treatment

An Israeli startup has created a cost-effective water filtration device using discarded kidney dialysis filters

Filtration system uses kidney dialysis equipment in commercial setting
Filtration system uses kidney dialysis equipment in commercial setting

An Israeli startup, NUFiltration, has repurposed discarded kidney dialysis filters to make cost-effective water filtration devices capable of handling micro-contaminants and operating at an industrial scale. The filter currently is used for swimming pool filtration, wastewater treatment and developing countries.

The system was originally developed by Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine Professor Yoram Lass, whose specialty is hemodynamics. Lass took the technology of kidney dialysis filters, which already provide high quality filtration, and brought it to the water industry. Because kidney dialysis filters generally are discarded, the filter systems are cost-effective. In 2011, Lass sold the patent to Mino Negrin, former owner of Nirosoft, who began distributing the system.

“It was genius. The simplicity of it caught my eye immediately,” Negrin said. “It could filter out every micro-biological pollutant: viruses, bacteria, fungi.”

The product originally was tested in Ghana as a humanitarian project, but has since expanded. NUFiltration has a staff of 11 and is funded by Negrin. More information can be found here.