Carbon, Activated


New Directions in the Activated Carbon Industry

Nov. 14, 2002
About the author: Dr. Henry G. Nowicki directs PACS, Inc., of Pittsburgh, a laboratory testing and consulting service. He has published more than 100 articles about environmental...

The Great Activated Carbon Dilemma

June 17, 2002
Fresno Discovers Big Difference Between Reagglomerated Carbon and Direct Activated Carbons
Testing Services

Evaluating Activated Carbons

May 21, 2002
ASTM, AWWA and EPA Standard Methods and New Test Methods for AC

Innovations in the Activated Carbon Industry

Jan. 23, 2002
Summary of the 9th Annual International Activated Carbon Conference

8th Annual Activated Carbon Conference Show Review

Jan. 1, 2001
About the author: Barbara Sherman, MS, is responsible for short courses and conferences at Professional Analytical and Consulting Services, Inc. (PACS). She coordinates short ...