Jan 30, 2018

LifeStraw Includes Lead Reduction in Portable Filtration Systems

The company is expanding their lead reduction technology to a broader range of products

LifeStraw introduces lead filtration system

LifeStraw announced plans to include NSF-53 certified lead reduction technology into their portable filtration systems. In Nov. 2017, they release their first portable filtration system including lead reduction benefits, the LifeStraw Flex, but the company now plans to expand this technology to other products they offer.

“LifeStraw’s innovation provides peace of mind for consumers drinking from a local tap,” said Alison HIll, managing director of LifeStraw. “By adding lead reduction technology… more consumers have access to clean water on-demand, nearly anywhere.”

Additionally, the company announced a noteworthy success in their efforts to provide water filtration globally. In Feb. 208, they expect to deliver safe drinking water to their one millionth child in Kenya.