Resins, Ion Exchange

Resins, Ion Exchange


Dec. 1, 2005
Superfund site cleanup of chromate-contaminated groundwater

Uranium in Water Removal by Ion Exchange

April 6, 2005
Measures to reduce uranium in the drinking water supply
Reverse Osmosis

Ion Exchange Resins and Processes for Industrial Water Treatment

June 19, 2003
About the author: Wayne Bernahl is president of W. Bernahl Enterprises, Ltd. He has worked in the industrial water treatment marketplace for 37 years. Most of this time was in...
Water Treatment

Nitrate Removal by Ion Exchange

March 27, 2003
Francis J. DeSilva, ResinTech, Inc.undefinedNitrates have no detectable color, taste or smell at the concentrations involved in drinking water supplies, and they do not cause ...