Feb 20, 2018

Students Develop Filter That Draws Moisture From Air

The product works much like a humidifier, but is equipped with a filtration system to create potable water

New water filter draws moisture from the air

Students from the University of Alberta, AB, Canada, have developed a prototype for a product that can convert moisture in the air into clean drinking water. The device, named Aqua Caelum, is still in the developmental stages, but the team of students plan to pitch their design at an upcoming competition organized by Enactus, an international non-profit.

One of the products developers, student Rutu Mehta, revealed how the product works in an interview with CBC Radio Edmonton AM. The product acts similarly to a dehumidifier by using thermodynamics to pull water droplets from the air and then runs the water through a filtration system.

“It condenses the water from the air, so as hot, humid air passes over cool coils, it condenses the water molecules trapped in that air, which can be further filtered for consumption,” Mehta said.

The team plans to take the protype to Bangalore, India, this summer to test the product using the country’s high humidity levels.