Filtronics Announces New Website

New website designed to be user-friendly and simple to navigate

Filtronics Inc. Water Treatment

Filtronics Inc. announces the launch of its new we site, designed with a user-friendly presentation of information regarding its municipal and industrial water treatment products and services.

The primary objective of the new website is to provide an effective business development tool. “We are placing an emphasis on making available the appropriate information and resources for our audience to learn about Filtronics products and the various filtration process solutions that we offer,” said Steve Smee, vice president of operations for Filtronics. "The new website will continue its focus on providing treatment solutions and building a solid customer relationship. "

The site was designed to be user-friendly and simple to navigate, and will allow users to quickly find the content they are looking for from the main page. In addition, the company has added a more comprehensive representative area. Users can now locate all Filtronics representatives on a U.S. map and access their contact information with just the click of a mouse.

Highlights of the new website include:

  • Updated and redesigned product pages;
  • Updated process pages;
  • A new industry resources page; and
  • The company’s new social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a blog.

For more information, visit

Filtronics Inc.

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