Financial Times Honors LADWP with Renewable Company of the Year Award

Utility Dedicates Recognition to New York City and Cites Green LA Program Efforts As National Security Measures

The Financial Times on December 6 bestowed the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Green LA Program with the coveted Renewable Company of the Year Award during the gala Global Energy Awards event in New York City.

LADWP was the only municipal agency to win an award this year. It also was a finalist in the Overall Marketing Campaign of the Year and Environmental Practices of the Year categories.

In accepting the award on behalf of the city of Los Angeles and LADWP, Angelina Galiteva, the utility's director of strategic planning, said, "We dedicate this award to New York City whose men and women showed the whole world what courage and being a hero really means."

Regarding the importance of environmental initiatives in Los Angeles and for the nation, she said, "Through the Green LA Program, our customers have a platform to choose a better environment and indeed a more independent and secure energy future for us all. Renewable energy is an increasing supply which is inflation proof and free of the pollutants associated with fossil fuels."

Reactions to the award and the LADWP's environmental programs from Los Angeles elected and appointed city officials were very positive.

"This recognition is indicative of our city's commitment to clean, innovative and responsible energy use," said LA Mayor Jim Hahn. "It speaks volumes about our great city and our employees. We can all be proud of the LADWP's accomplishments."

"I congratulate the LADWP on receiving this award and on its leadership in implementing programs combining energy efficiency, environmental protection, and economic development," said City Councilmember Ruth Galanter, chair of the council's committee on commerce, energy and natural resources.

"We are honored to receive this international recognition for our Green LA programs that help to promote a sustainable city and healthier environment for our residential and business customers," said David Wiggs, LADWP general manager.

In their justification for the award to LADWP, Financial Times judges released the following statement, "This year the winning company has exhibited a diversification in its energy portfolio and offers customers a choice within the renewable energy space. Its Green Power pricing program is the most successful in terms of customer numbers. Other initiatives, such as its solar rebates, promote renewables strongly. They have done as much as any single utility to brand itself as green, through generation, highly active marketing and basic awareness campaigns."

The judges' statement continued, "Through all its programs, it is saving energy, generating new renewable energy, increasing local generation of power and overall system reliability, reducing pollution, and educating the community, all of which represent a permanent investment in sustainability."

The Green Power for a Green LA program is the largest renewable energy program of its kind in the nation with more than 90,000 customers signed up. It replaces fossil fuel energy that pollutes the environment with new clean energy from natural sources such as the wind, sun and water. The Solar Program has resulted in one megawatt of electricity generation in the city from this source.

The Department has increased its efforts to inform and help customers make the switch to Green Power by utilizing effective marketing strategies, intelligent use of the media and grass roots community outreach.

One of the projects highlighted by LADWP's entry was the Lopez Canyon Micro-Turbine facility. This project converts escaping landfill gas that would other wise pollute the environment into energy via the use of high-tech micro-turbines. The project has generated a great deal of interest and requests for tours from both national and international energy organizations.

In recent weeks LADWP has received recognition for its environmental programs from a number of national and local organizations including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Environmental Media Association and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. The Global Energy Award culminates this year's achievements.

LADWP serves more than 3.8 million people within the 465 square-mile city of Los Angeles. The LADWP was established almost 100 years ago to provide water and electric needs to the city's residents and businesses.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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