Fire Breaks Out At Ohio Water Treatment Plant

Residents in Dennison and Uhrichsville, Ohio, are under a conserve water order today and Thursday, NewsChannel5 reported.  

Early yesterday morning, a fire broke out at the Twin City Water Treatment Plant, knocking the plant out of commission. Two 20-feet pumps were destroyed.

There is only a two-day supply of water in the Twin City area. Emergency officials said there's a possibility that the water will run out.

"Hopefully, we can get the pump pulled," Donnie Fawcett, sewer assistant superintendent, told a reporter from NewsChannel5. "We have a used pump. Hopefully, it still works. We can put it in there temporarily and get water pumping again."

Two schools are closed due to the water problem. Businesses, such as car washes and laundromats, have also closed in order to conserve water.


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