Jun 24, 2013

First Linen Life Study Documents Savings Potential

Ozone in nearly all cold wash waters exceeded those with traditional hot water methods

ClearWater Tech Ozone Laundering Study

The industry’s first extensive, independently conducted study to determine the ability of cold-water ozone laundering to extend the useful life of linens — a major expenditure among hospitality, healthcare and numerous other institutions — reveals a resounding advantage versus traditional hot-water methods.

California-based ClearWater Tech LLC, presented results of a six-month study conducted by North Carolina State University’s Physical Testing Laboratory - College of Textiles, at a Clean Show Press Conference on Thursday, June  20.  Joining ClearWater Tech President and Founder Cameron Tapp was Dr. Jan Ballard, extension specialist and supervisor of the Physical Testing Laboratory, who directed study procedures.

Testing utilized EcoTex ozone technology and its application format in comparisons with traditional laundering of pillowcases and terry towels. EcoLab supplied chemicals and collaborated on the chemical formulas for wash programs used in the study.

Materials were tested for Pilling Resistance, Tearing Strength using ASTM methodologies, plus textile Whiteness using AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) Test Method 110. Samples were compared with a Control using each laundering method for pillowcases as well as towels, over 50 wash cycles.

Results with EcoTex ozone in nearly all cold wash waters exceeded those with traditional hot water methods in every test category, with a composite average advantage of over 10%.  Comparative scores and study details are spelled out in “Cold Facts,” a summary report that can be by contacting the company at www.ecotexlaundry.com or (805) 549-9724. A more extensive white paper also is available.

Linen Life Study results come as no surprise to veterans such as Juan Marcano, President and CEO of Riteway Linen Services in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Riteway serves a variety of customers, including high-end hotels and resorts.  Acknowledging that many factors contribute to linen life, Marcano’s experience points to linen replacement at an annual rate of 20-30% with traditional OPL (On-Premise Laundry) operations. 

“That’s a lot of money for a 100-room hotel working with three pars (sets of linen).  Our EcoTex ozone process can reduce that replacement by about half, to 12% - 15% a year, which is a huge difference.  It’s an even bigger savings for a 300-room resort (another Riteway client) that will purchase $8,000 to $10,000 in terrycloth linens per month.”

Marcano’s figures dovetail with those from contemporaries operating laundries in-house or outsourced by hospitality, healthcare and other institutions.