First UV LED Disinfection System Results Presented at Conference

Prototype proves more efficient than conventional disinfection methods

UV disinfection specialist Aquionics and LED expert Dot Metrics Technologies recently presented the results of their UV LED-based reactor design at the North American Intl. Ultraviolet Assn. (IUVA) Conference in Toronto. The results proved their UV LED disinfection system to be five times more efficient than conventional disinfection systems.

The results were obtained from studies conducted by the University of North Carolina and University of Colorado. The studies showed more than a 3-log reduction of E. coli at an optical power efficiency exceeding 10 gpm/W; conventional mercury-based UV systems have yet to break the 2 gpm/W peak performance level.

UV LEDs have proven effective in applications where UV disinfection was previously thought impossible. The process is mercury-free, activated and deactivated in only 9 nanoseconds, and operates using low voltage sources.

Aquionics and Dot Metrics Technologies anticipate the first in a series of products built around this new technology to be available in early 2012.


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