Mar 17, 2020

Twist. Lock. Fit. Everytime.

john guest fit to lock connections and fittings
How to make a connection.

Born through precision engineering, extensive research and rigorous testing, Click-to-Lock products blend push-fit technology and a click-to-lock audible closure with visible alignment arrows to assure installers that the fitting is secured for a reliable leak-proof connection. 

Simple to install and using less connectors than traditional methods, Click-to-Lock fittings cuts installation time by 40% because the fittings require no tools, torches, solder or glue to join pipe. In addition, because of their low-profile design Click-to-Lock fittings are simple to use in confined spaces. Saving installers and technicians time and money from the cost of glue and drying time, and special tools needed to solder or connect PEX systems. Click-to-Lock fittings have been designed for use with Copper, PEX or CPVC Pipe and are reusable should you need to make a line repair.

Click-to-Lock comes in wide range of sizes to suit any domestic or light commercial application. Click-to-Lock’s extensive choice of sizes and configurations gives you everything you need to complete a truly flexible and affordable job in no time.

All of our products are accredited with the leading testing and approval organizations including NSF, UPC, and ICC ES.


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