Nov 03, 2011

Fla. Student Honored by School for Helping People In Need of Clean Water

Delaney Hill, 11, raises more than $2000 with help of classmates

Eleven-year-old Delaney Hill of St. Paul Lutheran School in Boca Raton, Fla., was recently honored by her school with a check to add to her fundraising efforts in helping people around the world who lack clean, safe drinking water.

Inspired by the story of Rachel Beckwith, the 9-year-old from Washington state who tragically died before reaching her goal of raising $300 for charity, Hill had decided to give up her birthday presents in favor of raising money for people in need of clean water. She received support from classmates, who each made a small contribution to dress down on Dress Down Day for Water. The students were able to raise $1,070, bringing Hill’s total to $2,009. Hill’s original goal was $300, as Beckwith’s had been.