Flint & Walling Appoints Scott Lechner President

Flint & Walling, Inc. announced the appointment of Scott Lechner as president. Lechner has held several positions at Flint & Walling since 1988; his most recent position was vice president, sales and marketing.

Lechner graduated in 1981 with a bachelor of science degree in marketing and earned a master’s degree in business in 2004. Prior to joining Flint & Walling, Lechner worked nine years for a Fortune 500 company, holding positions in purchasing, marketing and management.

“Like most other businesses, the water industry is changing, and Flint & Walling will continue to evolve and change with it. We will continue to build quality products while providing superior, value added customer service, fulfilling customer expectations in an extraordinary manner,” Lechner said.

Flint & Walling, Inc.

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