FloLogic Signs Second International Distribution Deal

New Zealand Company to Sell Award-Winning Leak-Detection/Water-Saving Device to New Zealand, Australia Markets

FloLogic, manufacturers and marketers of a highly sensitive, in-line, automatic shut-off valve that can prevent water damage, water loss, and mold, announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with New Zealand-based J & A Douglas Ltd.

In a three-year agreement, J & A Douglas, one of the region's leading plumbing distributors, will be the exclusive distributor of FloLogic products to the New Zealand and Australian markets.

FloLogic, a privately held company and recognized as a North Carolina Qualified Business Venture (QBV), already has an international distribution agreement in place with Triple B Technologies, in Israel, and in November 2000 announced a resellers and distribution agreement for U. S. markets with Alabama-based Thompson Plastics, a leading distributor of plumbing supplies.

"FloLogic sales are rising beyond even our expectations; we've recently passed the 1,300 customer milestone, and we welcome international sales agreements like this one with J & A Douglas," said Chuck DeSmet, FloLogic president and chief executive officer. "We are also in advanced talks with resellers in Great Britain and Greece, and we view this New Zealand-Australia sales agreement as the first of a number of international distribution deals we expect to sign this year."

FloLogic's flagship product, FloLogic System 2000, is a highly sensitive, in-line shut-off valve installed in the main water line that detects and automatically shuts off excess water flow. FloLogic System 2000 works like a circuit breaker for a home's plumbing system, and monitors all water flowing into the home with an adjustable timer. The FloLogic System 2000 will turn off the water supply to a house in the event of a ruptured water line or an unusually long-running plumbing appliance.

Any user can easily program FloLogic System 2000 using a control panel that features an alphanumeric LCD display similar to electronic thermostats and security systems. Property damage in the U.S. resulting from home plumbing leaks is second only to hurricanes as the most costly insurance claim, according to insurance industry reports. Burst washing machine hoses constitute one of the most common sources of residential water damage, accounting for more than $150 million in claims each year in the U.S. Frozen water pipes contribute an estimated $400-500 million a year.


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