Fluid Dynamics Opens U.S. Office

U.K. supplier of non-chemical water treatment systems heads west

Fluid Dynamics, the U.K. based manufacturer of non-chemical water treatment systems that prevent scaling caused by hard water has established a US office. Fluid Dynamics International Inc. is based in Delaware and will offer the full range of the company’s products.

Hard water scale is an international problem and most factories, universities, hospitals, hotels and even private dwellings solve it by using salt regenerated water softeners or by adding phosphate based chemical scale preventatives, the company said. The chemicals are ultimately discharged to the environment where they cause pollution of rivers and lakes. Already water softeners are being banned in some parts of California where the salinity of rivers is increasing as a result of salt discharges.

Fluid Dynamics catalytic and magnetic water treatment systems are environmentally friendly and sustainable, the company said. The product range includes Colloid-A-Tron, Scaletron and Housetron catalytic units; Magstream and Clearscale magnetic systems and Sanitron disinfectors.

"There is rapidly increasing demand in the U.S. for green water treatment solutions,” said Robert Spencer, president of Fluid Dynamics International Inc. at the office opening. “We have 40 years experience in this kind of technology in Europe, the Far East and Latin America and now we can provide the same benefits to customers here.” The company has already signed up distributors in Florida, California, Michigan and Nevada and invites more applications.

Fluid Dynamics

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