Former Washington Students Receive President's Environmental Award

President George W. Bush will be on hand as former students from Eatonville (Wash.) High School are presented with the President's Environmental Youth Award at a White House ceremony on Earth Day, April 22nd. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency selected the students for this national honor for their work on improving the water quality in their community.

The students, known as the Eatonville High School Salmon Enhancement Group, worked under the supervision of local teachers James Clague and Lucy Fountain. Their efforts resulted in four major environmental benefits:

* Comprehensive water quality studies on five streams flowing into the Nisqually River;

* Coordination with the Nisqually Indian Tribe to restore salmon runs in a number of Nisqually River tributaries;

* Restoration of riparian habitat with the help of Nisqually Stream Stewards; and

* Bringing the Eatonville community together at the "Stewardship of My Watershed" summit in the Spring of 2003 to share knowledge and experiences.

"These student's are to be applauded for their commitment to making the environment in their communities better," said Acting Deputy Administrator Stephen L. Johnson.

Of the Salmon Enhancement Group's original seven students, three are in Washington, D.C. this week to receive the award, discuss their project and meet with their members of congress.


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