Forsta Filters Announces Water Stewardship Discount

Discount can be applied to projects that further sustainability efforts

To further their commitment to furthering the sustainable use of water, Forsta Filters offers a discount on projects involving improvements to industrial, infrastructure and agricultural or irrigation design.

Sustainable development has emerged in consumer awareness as a result of increased public demand for conscientious business practice and added regulations. Forsta’s line of self-cleaning screen filters are designed to assist customers in improving their environmental performance.

Based on over a decade of experience in the field, Forsta engineers specialize in creating efficient water filtration solutions that are economical, minimize environmental impact and protect natural resources. According to Forsta, their filters provides an invaluable tool to those seeking to ensure both financial prosperity and the health of the environment.

The Water Stewardship discount may be applied for by filling out a price quote request form at Applicants should include a description of their plans for sustainability improvements in the “additional comments” section of the form.

Forsta Filters

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