Apr 06, 2015

Foundation Seeks Grant Applications

Grant applications sought on groundwater research and developing nation projects and programs

National Groundwater Association Research Foundation grants developing nations

The National Groundwater Research and Educational Foundation (NGWREF) is seeking grant applications for groundwater research as well as water supply projects and educational programs in developing nations.

The NGWREF board of directors has approved $15,000 for research grants and $35,000 for developing nations grants. Applications are being accepted now through June 30, and grants will be announced on or before Oct. 1.

The Groundwater Research Fund provides funding for research projects that stimulate new knowledge, information, programs and products to advance groundwater science and technology. In turn, the research should also enhance the future effectiveness of the groundwater professions and maximize groundwater’s benefit to society. The NGWREF has specific interest in research that focuses on groundwater sustainability and public concerns about groundwater quality.

The Developing Nations Fund provides small assistance grants to benefit the quality of life for people without access to plentiful potable groundwater. Funds can be used for a groundwater supply grant or a water well system-related education and training program. The dollar-for-dollar matching grants are for qualified projects in a low-income, developing, or third-world nation as defined by the World Bank or some other equivalent international body, such as the United Nations. Applicants for groundwater supply projects should have a history of not less than three years of demonstrated success in projects for potable groundwater drinking supply.