Four Arrested In San Antonio Water Scam

Police in San Marcos, Texas, arrested four people and charged them with deceptive trade practices for allegedly trying to scare residents into buying water filters. The Express-News reported that the suspects allegedly told residents that their water was contaminated and should buy a filter.

Those arrested spanned from ages 17-21. The two men and two women received a Class A misdemeanor and were booked at the Hays County Jail.

Terry Nichols told the Express-News that police responded to a call reporting that people were going door-to-door claiming to be from the water department. The suspects told residents there was a chemical spill and their water might not be safe to drink.

The four suspects were employed by Aquavita, a company that sells water filtration systems. Nichols explained that residents should be aware that San Marcos utility workers wear uniforms, carry ID and drive marked vehicles.


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