A Friendly Disposition

Friendship isn’t a value we usually consider when describing a water treatment dealership – but to Matthew Mahany of Soft Water Specialists in Richland, Wash., (and Water Quality Products’ May Dealer of the Month), it is a key part of business.

“I consider all my clients my friends, and I really enjoy improving their lifestyles by improving their water,” he said.

It’s not only the clientele that receives this friendly attitude – Mahany maintains positive relationships with competitors as well. “We are glad to say that we get along with our competitors,” which include some big franchises, he said.

Do you see your clients and competitors as friends or do you maintain a strict business relationship? Let us know about your philosophy on the topic – add a comment, or e-mail us at [email protected]


Kate Cline is editor-in-chief of WQP. Cline can be reached at [email protected] or 847.391.1007.

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