Apr 30, 2014

GE Named 2014 Water Company of the Year

GE honored for its significant contributions to the development of the international water sector

GE 2014 Water Company of the Year Global Water Intelligence Water Summit

GE was named Water Company of the Year at the annual Global Water Awards. The award recognizes the water company that made the most significant contribution to the development of the international water sector in 2013.

GE representatives accepted the award at a dinner earlier this month in Paris during Global Water Intelligence’s Global Water Summit 2014.

Throughout 2013, GE introduced several products and provided advanced water treatment solutions for numerous projects across the globe.

Among GE’s leading offerings that were announced last year, there were many technology contributions, including Steamate LSA corrosion protection technology; the AG LF membrane; TrueSense for Process, an online crude overhead monitoring system; new pressurized and submerged ultrafiltration membranes designed for pretreatment of feedwater for seawater reverse osmosis systems; and GE’s LEAPprimary, which is an innovative primary treatment technology for use with GE’s ZeeWeed membrane bioreactor and LEAPmbr system.

In 2013, one of GE’s standout contracts included the commissioning of GE’s high-performance LEAPmbr technology at a wastewater treatment plant in Spain. The Procavi S.L. plant purchased the technology in order to improve water quality and increase production without the need for expansion.

Another key installation project last year included the use of GE’s ZeeWeed 500 advanced water treatment technology at a water purification plant in Italy. This Ravenna plant is currently the largest plant of its kind in Europe.