Glas Water Offers Custom Bottle Shapes

New sizes, designs and materials expand customer options

Glas Water Custom Bottle Shapes

Glas Water is now offering its clients a variety of bottle options in addition to customer-specific label designs.

The new personalized bottled water varieties include several different size options, the choice of bottle design, as well as offerings of both traditional and rPET plastics. The sizes available range from 240 mL to 1.5 mL, and the style options include the sleek “Smooth” look and the textured, ergonomic “Flat Panel” design. The rPET plastic bottle is only available in Smooth 500 mL versions; however, it is made of 100% post-consumer plastics, reducing the environmental impact considerably.

Glas Water custom designs all of their bottles for each individual customer, providing branded, attractive, lasting advertisements that also perform useful, appreciated functions. In addition to bottles and labels, Glas Water also supplies bottle neck tags, retail and dispensing machines and other mobile marketing solutions, each with their own design and functionality options unique to every business’ specific marketing needs.

Glas Water

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