Global Wataire, Inc. Places Order for Two Containers of Atmospheric Water Generators

Global Wataire, Inc. (GWI), whose mandate is to build a global sales and marketing network together with its manufacturing partner Wataire Industries, Inc., ordered two containers of Wataire Industries WII4010 Atmospheric Water Generators to kick off the company’s sales and marketing campaign. The venture harmonizes both companies’ resolve to provide consumers with clean, affordable drinking water.

Sydney Harland, president of GWI, stated, “The global consumer is becoming aware that it desperately needs a solution to generate new sources of clean drinking water. Atmospheric Water Generators are that solution. Global Wataire, Inc. intends to be the product sales and market leader. Our collaboration with Wataire Industries, Inc. brings together two companies committed and confident that our expertise in sales and marketing, design, mechanical engineering and manufacturing, together with their commitment to sound environmental practices makes GWI the right choice to bring this product to market.” Harland continued, “We are certain that this challenge will be successful for both companies and enhance value for our shareholders.”

Wataire Industries, Inc.

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