Global Water Technologies Pledges Water System for World Trade Center Rebuild

Global Water Technologies, Inc., a full-service cooling water treatment, has pledged to New York's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the New York Port Authority and Silverstein Properties, to supply the required water cooling tower for the proposed replacement of the World Trade Center (WTC) Twin Towers.

Commenting on this, George Kast, President and CEO stated: "All employees and suppliers of GWT are very saddened and disheartened by the recent tragic acts of terrorism on the WTC & Pentagon. If the decision is made to replace the WTC, we are prepared to do our part in rebuilding these towers, historically a symbol of financial strength and stability for the United States and the world. Cooling water is essential to the operation of the WTC and all large commercial structures, as it is integral to the HVAC system which is used to cool large-scale computers housed within the building, as well as provide comfort cooling for all tenants."

Global Water Technologies, Inc.

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