Gold Coast Water Selects ViryaNet to Optimize Field Service Technicians, Better Manage Water Assets

ViryaNet, Inc., a leading provider of software applications for mobile workforce management and field service delivery, announced that Gold Coast Water (GCW), a major utility providing water and wastewater products and services to residential and commercial customers in Queensland, Australia, has contracted with ViryaNet to implement ViryaNet's FOCUS product.

GCW, a division of Gold Coast City Council, employs approximately 150 field technicians who manage the day-to-day reactive and programmed maintenance and operational assignments associated with the company's $1.6 billion in assets. These assets are spread over a significant geographical area and require a host of servicing requirements, from repairing simple water measurement products to maintaining complex wastewater pump stations. GCW oversees about 6,000 kilometers of water and wastewater pipes, over 600 pump stations, 75 reservoirs and six treatment plants.

GCW intends to use ViryaNet's FOCUS product to improve the operational performance of its field service delivery organization. GCW's Operations and Maintenance Branch will use ViryaNet FOCUS to schedule and dispatch people and resources to various job assignments. Upon the completion of the project with GCW, Gold Coast City Council may adopt ViryaNet FOCUS to perform similar functions in other divisions.

FOCUS is a product developed and supported by ViryaNet Pty Ltd., and consists of several software components, including call taking, dispatch functionality, case management, workflow, field-based GIS support and powerful integration software.

FOCUS, which will be accessible by GCW field staff via ruggedized tablet PC devices, will help improve customer service levels, as crews will be able to respond more quickly to routine and non-routine work. Expected benefits are many and include resolving customer inquiries faster, as jobs are scheduled and begun sooner as well providing consistent and standardized responses to customers.

FOCUS will also create an environment of continuous improvements, as staff will be able to collect information on capital assets, including failure causes, repair type and much more field information.

"Providing excellence in service to customers is the mission of all operations within Gold Coast Water," said Shaun Cox, director of Gold Coast Water. "Whether it is the front-end customer service section staff who replies to the initial inquiry, the first response field crew, the contractor working for GCW or developers working on contributed asset, all leave an impression on the public. We undertook significant research in determining the right solution for our needs. We are most impressed with the ViryaNet product and staff."

"Today's utility companies require a solution that provides real value and a demonstrated return on investment," said Jeff Oskin, VP, International, ViryaNet. "With a strong record of success in the utility marketplace, ViryaNet fundamentally understands the challenges faced by this industry and addresses them with a mobile workforce solution that incorporates years of experience in field service automation. We are very pleased to welcome Gold Coast into our family of customers. We are also delighted with the market relevance we have established and market success we have achieved in this part of the world."


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