From Good to Great

Whether in business for two or 20 years, water treatment dealers would
agree that when it comes to running a successful business it’s not a matter of just winging it … in fact, amid increasing pressure from big box retailers and overall competition, successful dealers know “being good at your job” is simply not enough.

Today, in addition to hard work and determination, dealers have to come up with creative marketing ideas, build good referral programs, and offer quality customer service and financing in order to establish and grow long, successful business relationships
with customers.

So why do dealers continue to fear big box stores? Unfortunately, there always will be customers who base their purchasing decisions on price. Add to this a significant number of dealers who are willing to cut their prices—and as a result, many dealers have trouble
competing with big box stores.

In reality, however, unlike buying a lamp, purchasing and installing water treatment equipment requires a qualified water specialist who can answer customers’ questions and find the right solutions for their needs. That’s something the big box stores don’t offer.

Dealers, on the other hand, can offer customer service and industry knowledge unmatched by any big box retailer. It is the way in which dealers resolve customer service issues that makes all the difference.

The question is, does your customer know and see the value of your products and services? Do you have an effective sales staff? Do you have a flexible financing program in place? And most importantly, how do you go from being good at your job to great?

Because Water Quality Products understands the challenges dealers face, the editorial staff is pleased to bring you this comprehensive supplement, the 2007-2008 Dealer Insight—A Guide to Sales, Marketing & Finance Solutions.

In Dealer Insight you will find selected articles featuring valuable information on current sales and marketing techniques, business tips, and various financing programs that can help increase cash flow and encourage customer loyalty. In addition, the supplement features a dealer success story and an informative Q&A session with Tom Leunig, marketing programs manager for GE Infrastructure Household Water Group, that discusses how dealers can remain strong in
today’s marketplace.

We hope that within the pages of Dealer Insight, you will find a variety of
content that will assist in maximizing your sales and profits and help you go
from good to great in today’s competitive market.

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