Grand Coulee Dam Security System to be Upgraded

Security Systems Contractor Wins $4 Million Bureau of Reclamation Contract

Adesta, a multi-discipline infrastructure service provider and integrator, has been awarded a U.S. Corps of Engineers contract for the Bureau of Reclamation valued at $4 million to upgrade security systems at Grand Coulee Dam, the largest hydroelectric facility in North America and the largest concrete structure in the United States. Under the contract, Adesta will install and upgrade integrated systems including video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control and communication sub-systems.

"Adesta is pleased to add Grand Coulee Dam to those critical infrastructures and waterways it has protected for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center in Huntsville since 1991," said Bob Sommerfeld, president of Adesta. "Adesta has a long and significant history providing both electronic and physical security solutions for large dams and waterway infrastructure. As our infrastructure security business experiences demand for its services, Adesta is actively recruiting and hiring security engineers to keep its supply of knowledgeable and experienced staff ahead of the demand."

Adesta, LLC

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