Mar 31, 2004

Grand Opening

Indiana Dealer Opens Storefront

Whether it’s an iron or nitrate problem or a residential or industrial issue, Mark’s Water Treatment has serviced its area for 10 years. In January, however, the dealership celebrated a grand opening of its new storefront in New Liberty, Ind.

After finding that his warehouse space in LaPorte County, Ind., was not nearly enough anymore, Mark Joachim decided to invest in a storefront to allow a more customer-friendly environment. “I was able to get a good price on the building, which help to save on the up front costs,” he says.

Now, customers are invited to come in and learn about their water and the technologies available to improve it. An educational station was set up in order to show customers how softeners, filters and the like function and why they are necessary. “The clear softener on display allows customers to actually see the interworkings of the technology,” Joachim explains.

The new storefront already seems to be a hit with current customers, and its prime location off the main road into and out of town makes it easily noticeable and accessible to newcomers.

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