Greeley and Hansen Reflects on Contributions Made to Water and Wastewater Industry over Past 90 Year

Samuel A. Greeley's entry into environmental engineering coincided with the beginnings of what is now considered the development of modern sanitary engineering practice. Just as Greeley helped shape the practice, the firm he founded in 1914 continues to make its mark in the water and wastewater industry, following his passion for designing solutions for complex environmental challenges.

Over the past nine decades, Greeley and Hansen have established itself in the water and wastewater industry, building long-standing clients along the way. From implementing solutions for pollution caused by raw sewage disposal in the Potomac River in the 1930s to today's work to help clients comply with federal mandates, the firm's engineers solve problems by combining creativity with engineering.

As Greeley and Hansen celebrate its 90th anniversary this year, that creativity and precision engineering is found in Greeley and Hansen's current projects. The firm continues to assist many of the clients that Samuel Greeley originally served, including:

    • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, as it plans strategically for wastewater treatment

    • Greater Peoria Sanitary District in its efforts to enhance wastewater treatment along the Illinois River.

    • New York City, both the Department of Environmental Protection on their wastewater treatment upgrade program, and the Department of Sanitation as it tackles challenges in transportation and disposal of solid waste

    • District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority in its program to evaluate the Washington D.C. sewer system and improve the environment along the Potomac River

    • Cities of Chicago and Moline, IL, as they modernize their water treatment and distribution systems

    "Greeley and Hansen remains ready to assist our clients in facing new challenges successfully by employing our knowledge of proven engineering principles and remaining ahead of relevant state-of-the-art and emerging technologies," said Tom Sullivan, managing principal for the firm. "As our country’s environmental issues and federal mandates become more complex, we are continuing to work side-by-side with our clients as well as with others in our industry to serve the public."

    With its earliest projects focused on the City of New York and the Chicago Sanitary District (now the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago), Greeley and Hansen has provided services to more than 500 municipalities, states, federal agencies and industries over the past 90 years. The firm continues to provide a full array engineering services for water, wastewater, and solid waste projects including master planning, feasibility studies, facility planning, project design and services during construction.

    In addition to designing solutions for complex environmental engineering challenges, Greeley and Hansen's leadership has played an active role in the industry over the years by serving in organizations. Greeley and Hansen principal Larry Jaworski has recently completed his term as 2004 president of the Water Environment Federation, and principal Andy Richardson will serve as president of the American Water Works Association in 2005.

    Greeley and Hansen LLC

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