Greenway Design Introduces New HERO Water Treatment System

New system, featuring four-stage treatment and mechanical filtration, is designed for company’s Cool-n-Save pre-cool system

Greenway Design Group Inc. announced the commercial release of its patent-pending High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO) Water Treatment and Filtration System.

The system features four-stage treatment and mechanical filtration and is designed for the company’s Cool-n-Save evaporative pre-cool system. Cool-n-Save sprays water mist around condensing coils in air conditioning units to reduce energy in commercial and residential air conditioning systems.

HERO can remove approximately 90% of total dissolved solids from water, with up to 1,000 parts per million of dissolved solids. The company reported that the HERO system is also suitable for other commercial and industrial purposes.

"HERO technology is a byproduct of our research and development for the Cool-n-Save misting system," said Greenway CEO and President Ben Lefrancois. "Water purification is a vital component of evaporative pre-cooling. HERO is designed to meet stringent requirements, among them is cost."

"We developed Cool-n-Save to be cost-effective and practical," said Darius Jakubik, the company’s senior vice president. "Many of our customers have seen enough savings to make up the cost of their investment in less than 12 months."

Greenway markets its pre-cooling technology under the trademark Cool-n-Save. The company has been developing pre-cool misting technology since 2005.

Greenway Design Group Inc.

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