Groundwater Foundation Awards Grants for Water Wells in Developing Countries

Funds will help villagers in Uganda and Kosovo gain access to clean water

Three grants totaling $20,000 have been awarded to help build and restore drinking water wells in Uganda and Kosovo, the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation (NGWREF) announced this week.

The three grant recipients and award amounts are:

• Atkinson Foundation/Family Empowerment Uganda (FEM), $6,000;
• Committee on Foreign Missions for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Nakaale Station, Uganda, $8,000; and
• Water for Life, Tushile Safe Water Project, Kosovo, $6,000.

The Atkinson Foundation/FEM project seeks to install a high-capacity water well and solar pumping system at the FEM Canaan Farm in Rakayata village, Masindi, Uganda. The NGWREF grant would pay a portion of the overall project cost of $27,000. The project will help 150 survivors of civil war who are trying to rebuild their lives on Canaan Farm.

The Nakaale Station project by the Committee on Foreign Missions for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is in northeast Uganda. The project involves installing wells in four villages to serve up to 5,000 people. At present the people in these villages get their drinking water from polluted rivers, creeks and swamps.

The Tushile Safe Water Project developed by Water for Life will serve 800 villagers in Kosovo by capping 150 open wells to protect them from contamination, installing pumps in the wells and cleaning up sources of pollution.

“Thousands of people in these war-torn, impoverished counties will benefit from the safe drinking water that these projects will provide. For some, especially children under the age of five, these projects are a matter of life and death,” said Steve Schneider, MGWC and NGWREF president. “It was for projects such as these that the foundation created its Developing World Project Fund.”

National Ground Water Assn.

50 Water Wells Project for Togo

The Dagan Foundation is an organization that strives to provide better living conditions to populations in West Africa, especially in Togo. Through God’s grace, the generosity of our members and friends, we have successfully been able to provide clothing, education, and the word of The Gospel of Jesus Christ to several thousands of individuals residing in Togo.

We need your help in writing the next chapter of our mission, which is to provide wells to thousands of people who do not have drinking water. In general, the situation of drinking water is disastrous in Africa. But it is even more disastrous in West Africa. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 16% of people in sub-Saharan Africa had access to drinking water through a household connection in 2004. [1] Unless something is done, unsafe water will keep killing thousands of children and entire families in this region of the world.

The Dagan Foundation exists to change this situation. With your graceful help, we will build one well at the time in villages and neighborhoods, providing clean water to families. We estimate the associated cost to be from $2000 to $3000 to dig and build a clean water well. Our goal is to raise $ 125,000.00 for 50 water wells by June 2018 . Your financial help is welcomed. You can individually sponsor an entire well or do it as a group with your friends. Small donations are also appreciated.

For further information on this project, please contact us at [email protected]. Please, find more information about us on

[1] The Water Project, “Rural and Urban Water Issues in Africa”,

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