Sep 05, 2018

Environmental Groups Announce Intent to Sue Talen Energy Corp.

The environmental groups allege that the energy company is responsible for groundwater contamination from coal ash basins into the Susquehanna River

Energy company faces lawsuit over groundwater contamination
Energy company faces lawsuit over groundwater contamination

The Environmental Integrity Project, on behalf of the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Assn., Waterkeeper Alliance and Penn Environment, notified Talen Energy Corp. and Brunner Island LLC of their intent to sue regarding alleged Clean Water Act violations. The environmental groups attest that the energy companies are responsible for groundwater pollution coming from coal ash basins at the Brunner Island power plant in York County, Penn., according to the York Daily Record.

The site generates 442,000 tons of ash and other coal wastes annually, according to the Environmental Integrity Project’s suit. The lawsuit states that two active contaminant basins contribute dry and wet pollutants into groundwater that seeps into Black Gut Creek and, ultimately, the Susquehanna River. Furthermore, the environmental group believes there may be an undocumented pipe that flows directly into the Black Gut Creek at the site.

“In December of last year, I conducted some basic monitoring, and I uncovered high levels of arsenic, aluminum lead, manganese, boron and lithium,” said Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Ted Evgeniadis. “That being said, the most important piece is that they are actively leaching coal combustion residuals directly into our groundwaters.”

Talen Energy Corp. and Brunner Island LLC will have 60 days to target the allegations in the notice letter before an official suit is filed.