Dec 26, 2018

New Delhi, India, Plans Lake Restorations for Groundwater Recharge

The city plans to restore 159 water bodies to aid groundwater recharge

New Delhi, India, embarks on groundwater recharge plan
New Delhi, India, embarks on groundwater recharge plan

On Dec. 24, the Delhi Jal Board in New Delhi, India, approved a plan to restore 159 water bodies and create two lakes to aid groundwater recharge and increase water reserves for the water scarce city.

According to The Hindu, mega lakes will be developed on 25 acres of land at the Nilothi sewage treatment plant and another on 32 acres of land at the Rohini sewage treatment plant. Combined with the 159 water bodies scheduled for restoration, the city hopes to create and restore up to 350 acres of water holding 135 million gal of water.

“Apart from rainwater, treated water from [sewage treatment plants] will be polished using natural wetlands and other methods to maintain the water levels in the water bodies throughout the year,” said a statement from the board. “The step will improve depleting groundwater levels of Delhi apart from making Delhi sustainable for water supply. Excess water from the ground will be taken out to augment Delhi water supply wherever required.”

While the city once had 607 active large water bodies in 1991, there are now only 480 left, as reported by The Times of India. Of the remaining 480 water bodies, most as located in west Delhi with other spread out in parts of the south, southwest and north.

“Delhi will become a city of lakes,” said Delhi Jal Board Chairperson Arvind Kejriwal in a tweet. “It will reduce pollution, recharge groundwater, make our city beautiful. All these lakes will be developed into tourist places with beautiful landscapes.”