Jun 15, 2017

NGWA Seeks Comments on Groundwater, PFAS Document

Comment submissions on guidance document will be accepted until July 31

NGWA accepts public comments on new document

The National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA) announced it is accepting public comments on the guidance document titled “Groundwater and PFAS: State of Knowledge and Practice” through July 31, 2017.

“Groundwater and PFAS: State of Knowledge and Practice” was developed to identify the known science and knowledge related to PFAS compounds present in groundwater and the subsurface, as well as the current state of the art in practices relating to the ecological impacts and to the anthropogenic uses of groundwater. The document also identifies gaps in knowledge or information that is currently in a state of flux in terms of scientific consensus. This document is a collaborative effort, created and edited by volunteer groundwater professionals, and is based upon assessment and interpretation of available literature providing informed perspectives and/or best-in-class solutions from a variety of sources, both internal and external to NGWA. 

The intent of the document is to provide technically defensible guidance useful in defining an appropriate path forward for a client, a water resource, or a regulatory action, using a series of concise, but technically defensible, documents—each highly focused on a number of appropriate categories useful to consulting groundwater scientists and engineers, drinking water system operators utilizing groundwater suppliers, and groundwater regulatory personnel at all levels of government.

NGWA understands that science is always evolving, and individual situations and local conditions may vary, so members and others utilizing this publication are free to adopt differing standards and approaches as they see fit based on an independent analysis of such factors. This document is provided for informational purposes only, so members and others utilizing this publication are encouraged, as appropriate, to conduct an independent analysis of these issues. NGWA does not purport to have conducted a definitive analysis on the topic described in this publication, and it assumes no duty, liability, or responsibility for the contents or use of the publication.

All comment submissions are to be made online and will be accepted through July 31, 2017. All revisions to the existing drafts will be made at the discretion of the appropriate subtask group. Please email comments or questions on the document drafting procedure you may have to the staff facilitator of this project, Kevin McCray, CAE, at [email protected].