Jul 09, 2013

Grundfos Holds Sales Training for Release of MAGNA3

The MAGNA3, a variable-speed wet rotor circulator, will cut power consumption by up to 85%

Grundfos Sales Training MAGNA3

Grundfos hosted more than 200 sales representatives and distributors for the domestic and commercial buildings market at its Kansas City, Kan., facility last month to prepare its American and Canadian sales forces for the release of the MAGNA3, an energy optimized, variable-speed wet rotor circulator with adaptive intelligence that can cut power consumption by up to 85% when compared with conventional circulators.

During the two-day session, the trainees explored the functionalities of the MAGNA3 and the Grundfos GO. They had the opportunity to tour the lab, test out working demos and interact with the products’ engineers in order to get comfortable with the technology. In addition to receiving training on the technical details of the products, attendees also received tips on presenting with maximum effectiveness from Eric Morgenstern, CEO of Morningstar Communications.

The MAGNA3, which consumes between 20% and 40% less energy than the current MAGNA line, was released for sale in the U.S. and Canada on July 1, 2013.

From its improved hydraulics and rotor system to a built-in differential pressure sensor, every detail of MAGNA3 is designed to boost efficiency. It consumes 20% to 40% less energy than most models in the current MAGNA line, which is already a best-in-class energy-efficient circulator. When compared with conventional circulators, the MAGNA3 cuts energy consumption by up to 85%. In developing it, Grundfos committed to achieving the European Energy Efficiency Index of 0.20, which exceeds the efficiency ratings of any circulators now on the market in North America.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, the MAGNA3 features easy interfacing with building management systems and built-in heat energy metering. Additionally, wireless connectivity enables handheld pump control, monitoring and reporting capabilities by Grundfos GO, a mobile toolbox available on Apple and Android devices.

In addition, MAGNA3 now handles temperatures as low as 14°F, making it an even better choice for cooling as well as heating applications. Grundfos has dramatically improved the pump’s range by increasing the maximum head to almost 60 ft and the maximum flow to approximately 570 gal per minute. And with more than 35 single and twin circulators in cast iron or stainless steel, MAGNA3 is a solution for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications: heating, cooling and air-conditioning, domestic hot water, ground source heat pump and solar heating.

The MAGNA3 is built on 65 years of experience and has been subjected to more than one million hours of rigorous testing. Leveraging the company’s global competencies, the MAGNA3 was designed for the U.S. and Canada at Grundfos Kansas City, and assembled at Grundfos Fresno.