Grundfos Participates in Department of Energy Meeting

Grundfos provides input for proposed energy conservation standards for commercial, industrial pumps

Grundfos Pumps Corp. U.S. Department of Energy Public Meeting

In response to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Framework Document for Commercial and Industrial Pumps, Grundfos voiced support for efforts to enact energy conservation standards for pumps at a public meeting in Washington, D.C., in February 2013, and submitted comments in May.

Greg Towsley, director of regulatory and technical affairs for Grundfos, discussed the opportunity to create greater transparency in the pump industry, advocating for the establishment of a labeling system to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. He emphasized support for regulating clean water pumps, as well as extended products that could include electric motors and variable speed drives. He also shared Grundfos’ view on the importance of harmonizing the scope of U.S. standards with those in the European Union.

According to Towsley, "Grundfos supports the Department of Energy’s efforts to set energy efficiency standards for pumps and agree that the federal government can play a significant role in encouraging U.S. consumers of commercial and industrial pumps to adopt the most efficient products. Our experience since the late 1990s as a stakeholder in the development of circulator and water pump standards in the European Union has given us insights that could be useful during the various steps of the preliminary analysis for this rulemaking."

Grundfos will continue to support the department’s plan for developing the rulemaking by hosting analysts at its facilities to provide detailed information on efficiency standards’ impact on technology, engineering, distribution channels, manufacturing and employment.


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