Feb 17, 2011

H2O Innovation and 3M Purification Create Mobile Water Treatment Unit for Haiti

Project HOPE staff will operate unit to provide drinking water for earthquake victims

H2O Innovation Inc. and 3M Purification Inc. have teamed up to provide a mobile water treatment unit to Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere) to support its humanitarian assistance and healthcare programs in Haiti. H2O Innovation has designed, built and will deliver a trailer-based mobile water treatment system that will enable Project HOPE to produce drinking water from either surface, ground or brackish water sources. 3M Purification has provided funding for the purchase of raw material and equipment needed to build the unit, while H2O Innovation will donate the training required for the operation of the unit by Project HOPE's local staff. H2O Innovation's mobile water treatment unit is scheduled to arrive in Haiti in Spring 2011.

Assembled and manufactured by H2O Innovation in its plant located in Ham-Nord, QC, Canada, the mobile water treatment unit is capable of producing enough potable water to ensure the daily operations of a field hospital or to deliver a volume of drinking water equivalent to 35,000 bottles every day.

Equipped with 3M Purification filters and cartridges the mobile unit is designed to be operated in the roughest conditions. Hitched to a pick-up truck or other vehicle, it can be moved around Haiti as needed. Equipped with a gasoline-powered generator, it can produce high quality drinking water in remote areas where electrical power supply is unavailable. H2O Innovation's mobile emergency relief water treatment unit can be built and ready to ship in only two weeks and, once deployed on location, can produce potable water in minutes.

The mobile water treatment unit is designed to be operated by Project HOPE's local staff, requiring only basic knowledge of water treatment science. H2O Innovation will donate operating training to Project HOPE's local team, covering both operating and maintenance of the unit.

Founded in 1958, Project HOPE is dedicated to providing lasting solutions to health problems with the mission of helping people to help themselves. Identifiable to many by the SS HOPE, the world's first peacetime hospital ship, Project HOPE now provides medical training and health education and conducts humanitarian assistance programs in more than 35 countries.