H2O Innovation Certified by the "ministere de l'Environnement du Quebec"

H2O Innovation (2000) Inc. confirms the technological recognition by the "ministère de l’Environnement du Québec (MENV)", of its membrane filtration systems intended for surface water treatment. It is the first such certification granted by the MENV to any company having developed a nanofiltration treatment solution fulfilling the requirements of the Drinking Water Quality Regulations.


"Recognition of this nanofiltration technology (NanH2Ofiltration) represents a passport to greater growth for the company. Henceforth, many Quebec municipalities will be required to opt for this certified treatment solution, in order to meet the standards required for drinking water quality" says Mr. Frédéric Dugré, Executive Vice-president of H2O Innovation. Granted by a committee for drinking water treatment technologies formed by the "ministère des Affaires municipales, du Sport et du Loisir" and the "ministère de l'Environnement", this certification confirms the performance of H2O Innovation nanofiltration systems.

The water treatment product line Omega validated under NanH2Ofiltration technology, will allow the company to provide solutions for the municipal market. The nanofiltration membrane filtration treatment system ensures the reduction of turbidity, color, organic contents, total solids dissolved and trihalomethane precursors compounds as well as the elimination of bacteria and viruses present in water. Protocols for the control and monitoring of the nanofiltration membranes integrity as well as the integrity control for the overall system itself, were developed by H2O Innovation in order to ensure safe water production, exceeding all existing standards of quality of drinking water currently in force in Quebec. The systems will have the added advantage of being densely built-up, automated and with low operating costs.

H2O Innovation remains the Canadian Company having the most technologies certified by the MENV for drinking water (NanH2Ofiltration) and wastewater (RBR and Bio-FosseDT). Two other technologies developed by H2O Innovation are currently in the process of being certified by the MENV.

H2O Innovations (2000) Inc.

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