Haestad Methods to Begin European Demos, Training Tour in March

Haestad Methods will kick off its 2003 Tour of Europe in March by exhibiting at the Water and Wastewater Europe (W&WE) conference in Nice, France. This customized tour was planned to maximize Haestad Methods' support and services to the European market through strategic conferences, localized demos and training, and onsite visits to water distribution companies.

During the W&WE conference March 4 - 6, Haestad Methods' international sales team will provide personal demonstrations of the company's complete suite of civil engineering software for water, storm, and sanitary sewer modeling. Haestad Methods will also showcase its latest release of WaterGEMS™ for GIS-integration modeling and preview its latest French version of WaterCAD®. Both French and Spanish versions of WaterCAD will be available to the European community in the first quarter of 2003.

In conjunction with Progea S.p.A., Haestad Methods will be sponsoring and organizing the First Annual Water Distribution Modeling Symposium in Perugia, Italy, May 5 - 9. This conference presents an opportunity for professionals to engage in open panel discussions with world-renowned experts. Presentations will include state-of-the-art research and new technologies for water distribution system modeling; calibration techniques; genetic algorithms; and early detection and response to accidental or intentional contamination.

In response to many requests from leading water and wastewater companies and consultants on the European continent, Haestad Methods will meet with and perform onsite demonstrations to a broad range of companies throughout the year. Some of these companies include, Vivendi Environnement, Saur, Setude, Suez-Lyonnaise-des-Eaux, and major utilities of the Balkans. By working closely with its clients, Haestad Methods will continue to identify and develop new product offerings that comply with European standards.

The tour will wrap up in November with several comprehensive training workshops scheduled abroad. Due to the rising demand for hydrologic and hydraulic computer modeling training from its European clients, Haestad Methods is organizing training workshops in Madrid, Spain; Birmingham, England; and Skopje, Macedonia.

Preparations for additional training courses overseas are being addressed. Professionals interested in attending an upcoming program can view complete course and registration information by visiting http://www.haestad.com/ced/workshops.

Haestad Methods

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