Haestad Methods Satisfies Geospatial Modeling Demand for Projects in Latin America

City of Salamanca Water Utility Implements WaterGEMS and SewerCAD Technology

Haestad Methods has implemented a strategic water resources modeling project with Mexico-based City of Salamanca Public Utilities, in cooperation with the State Water Commission of Guanajuato.

In addition to Haestad Methods' WaterGEMS (Geographic Engineering Modeling System) and SewerCAD software licenses, the contract also includes superior services for building, calibrating, and simulating models.

With Haestad Methods' state-of-the-art technology, training and the ClientCare maintenance program, the City of Salamanca will be able to significantly improve its water resources infrastructure to promote water recycling and decrease water losses. This project began in early November with customized on-site training in water distribution and sewer systems modeling and design at the city's water utility headquarters.

According to the City of Salamanca: "Information systems integration is our main goal for this ambitious project. After reviewing other products on the market, we found that WaterGEMS offers the best hydraulic modeling solution for GIS, SCADA and our commercial system integration," said Raul Rodriguez, general manager for the City of Salamanca Water Utility. "WaterGEMS' innovative modeling services for data extraction, model building, calibration and current scenario simulations make it easy for our engineers to develop the most accurate and cost-effective networks."

Interest by Latin American utilities continues to increase following several recent continuing education courses in the region including Manizales, Colombia; Monterrey, Puebla and Cancun, Mexico; and Santiago, Chile. Haestad Methods currently is working on preparing details for future programs in this region as demand continues to intensify.

Haestad Methods

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